Obstacle Management Layers Explained

Step Guide

1. Click Obstacle Management

2. Click Obstacles and Maps

3. Click Layers

4. Map with labels

On the left side of the screen is an overview of the Layers that are available. The different layers are "layered" on top of each other. They can be activated/deactivated by clicking them. In the image, the layer "Map with labels" is active and is shown in the map.
The "Map with labels" layer is an aerial map, provided by Bing Maps.

5. Topological map

When you activate the "Topological map" it will cover the "Map with labels", because it is placed "on top" of it.
The Topological map provides you with a graphic representation of the map content.

6. Runway Centrelines

The "Runway Centrelines" layer holds a graphic representation of the runway centrelines and their extension into the area around the airport.
Because this layer only holds the centrelines, the map layer underneath is still visible.