Software solutions for airports

Streamline operations, digitise your work flow & visualise productivity

Obstacle Management

The Obstacle Management solution

This software solution enables you to

  • Measure and view your limitation surfaces
  • Create and export obstacles in AIXM 5.1
  • Identify, monitor and manage your obstacles

Wildlife Hazard Management

The Wildlife Recording solution

This Wildlife Recording App allows you to

  • Digitalize your wildlife recordings
  • Access a real-time overview of risk, species and mitigating actions
  • Get the full overview in the monthly summary report

Avoid delays

With the Ascend service you get updated satellite maps, which enables you to monitor landscape changes, create and manage facilities impacting the wildlife activity around your airport. The digital overview enables you to be pro-active in your wildlife management.

Reduce cost

When you use the Ascend wildlife solution to register wildlife, perform risk analysis, monitor landscape changes and much more, we make sure to save your data and make it accessible for you when you need to create your Wildlife Risk Management Program.

ADR compliant

With Ascend wildlife risk management program (WRMP) you meet ADR standards. The documentation is automatically generated as you use the solution. Just follow our tutorials and template to output your WRMP.

The information is out there

Satellites and aircrafts are recording huge amounts of information about our surroundings. Ascend enables airports and airlines to gain access to this information. Do you want to learn more about what we can do for your airport, click the button below and we’ll be in contact

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In association with ESA

The development of the Ascend service is funded by the European Space Agency under the ARTES Integrated Applications Programme. The collaboration with ESA brings focus and knowledge, which ensures a high class product for you.

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