Digital registration and management of all types of airside processes and tasks

Any Process Can be Digitalized

No matter if you are performing an inspection of your lighting system or a runway inspection, we can digitize the process in one easy-to-use solution. Imagine inputting all data capture processes with just a few touches of a tablet or phone. The AscendXYZ Digital Airside solution makes this possible. With this solution, all gathered data is available to you right away in real-time views, as well as in reports for management, specialists, and staff.


Data access

All recorded data is available on our web-portal in real time. You can use the map view in the service to segment and filter the recorded data or download the reports in MS Word .doc format, .csv or .xls files. Alternatively, you can access all data via the APIs and apply it in 3rd party systems.

Get started

It’s easy to get started. We will implement the registration flows that are relevant for you in the iOS and Android App, as well as the web-portal.

User management

It’s simple for you to add and manage users and their access to different processes. This is done in the web-portal.

Input all airport data with just a few touches on a tablet or phone

Example of processes:

• Runway inspection
• Light inspection
• Pavement inspection
• Bird strike registration
• Wildlife registration
• Preventive maintenance
• and more…

Task management

Certain registrations result in tasks, which can be efficiently handled through our web service designed to receive and manage data. Airport staff members have the capability
to input data, modify the status of individual registrations, and generate overviews encompassing all active tasks. These overviews include details regarding task status and associated risk levels.

Notification module

The service can be configured to automatically send notifications to relevant stakeholders when specific data elements are registered at the airport. For example, if a light is reported as out of service, an automated notification is sent to the electrician.

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