Obstacle Management

Create your obstacles

Using the Ascend obstacle management service, you can create your obstacles either based on on-sight observations, or by viewing the obstacle identification layers (described under obstacle identification). Follow the steps below.

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Select the type of obstacle

Obstacle types match AIXM types and formats. You can manage the types in the service.

Create the obstacles

You do so by drawing a polygon around the obstacle. It is easy, go to the service to try it out.

AIXM 5.1 format

Export the data in AIXM format, and deliver the data to your local AIM office.

Registration of obstacles

As you create your obstacles, you are asked to enter metadata and lifetime for the obstacles. This allows you to export the data in compliant formats. Ascend can perform the registration of obstacles.

View penetrations

As you create the obstacles, you can view the position related to the obstacle limitation surface, as well as the height of the penetration and clearance to the surfaces above.

Pricing for the obstacle management module


1 user200€ / Month


3 users500€ / Month


Unlimited800€ / Month