Digital Registration of Wildlife via Smartphone and Tablet

AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution

Wildlife registration used to be complex, time consuming and often missing important data. With the AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution the process becomes quick, easy, and flexible. With our solution you can register wildlife with just a few touches on a tablet or smartphone – on site, with a direct view of the situation and minimal risk of forgetting or overlooking important points. This in turn offers you:

· Reduced risk
· Better documentation
· Peace of mind
· Time saving

The AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution is an essential tool for understanding and mitigating the risk of wildlife strikes. The service is available as an App for mobile phone and tablet. The data is available for you right away, 24/7, in a digital format or as reports for management, specialists, and bird controllers. You can easily add new species, bird controllers, new tablets, wildlife risk levels and more to your reports through our web portal, allowing you to work flexibly and efficiently.

We will tailor the AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration app to match the needs of your airport, integrating the solution seamlessly into your existing safety management system and requiring no system changes or adjustments on your part. You will be ready to register wildlife activity right away

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  1. Register wildlife with just a few touches on your device
  2. Data is available 24/7
  3. Real-time use: Registered data is available to staff and management
  4. The reports: AscendXYZ creates reports for you
  5. Analyze your data: Gain important insights from registered data
  6. Plan your actions based on insights from the analysis
  7. Implement your actions based on your plan
  8. Stakeholder communication: Relay actionable information to airlines

Register where the wildlife was spotted

Register the species

Register wildlife activity

Wildlife registration and extracting the data used to be complex and time consuming, with the Ascend solution it takes seconds.

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Detailed process description

1. Register Wildlife

Imagine registering your wildlife control data with a couple of touches on a tablet or smartphone – on site, where you have a direct view of all pertinent elements and, thereby, are able to minimize the risk of forgetting details or overlooking important points. The data is available for you right away in a digital format or as reports for management, specialists and bird controllers.

2. Data 24/7

All recorded data is available to you at any time, whenever and wherever you need it. Just log in to your account on our web-portal and download everything you need. There are no additional fees or costs for this.

3. Real-time use

Wildlife controller registration and activities can be seen in real-time in the 24H status. This provides visibility of the team’s activities out on the airfield up to 24H and enables you to identify peaks and hot spots, as well as detect sudden changes, allowing you to quickly adjust and take actions to mitigate new risks. See “24H status” tutorial here.

4. The Reports

The AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution will automatically extract all your data for you and generate daily, monthly, and annual reports. These reports give you valuable information and documentation for future planning and management of risk, as well as for communication with stakeholders. All you need to do is log into your account and download the reports.
You will receive the following reports:

The Reports

Wildlife Registration Reports

We provide you with the number of registrations, wildlife count, high/medium/low risk count, daily activity (total and species specific). See an example here.

Risk Reports

In risk reports we quantify the mass of wildlife registered (individuals x weight), from time and risk perspective. This enables you to react quickly in the event of increased activity.

Data Quality Reports

In order to help you and your staff collect the best possible data, we offer you regular data quality reports. We use mathematic modelling to assess the way data is collected to identify inconsistencies- enabling you to react and obtain even more precise data in the future. See an example here.

Management Reports

To give you an efficient overview, we provide summary reports that include your KPI’s, as well as essential information from other reports. We will customize this report with you to match your requirements.

5. Analyze the Data

Based on the registered data, your Airport staff or our AscendXYZ specialist can advise you on questions of wildlife management, data quality, or safety management, in order to help you to better develop and implement actionable plans for wildlife management. This can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on your airport size, location, and needs.

6. Plan your Actions

With your registered data as a foundation, you can plan your actions to mitigate identified potential hazards in accordance with your specific needs. Whether it is the active mitigation techniques of your bird controllers or passive management such as sowing endophyte infested grass or adjusting garbage disposal to make food waste less accessible. Your data will tell you where the problems are and in turn you will be able to better focus your efforts.

7. Implement your Actions

Airport staff or Ascend specialists can help you identify the desired outcome of the actions and how to measure this. This is done in a way that can be implemented in your WRMP.

8. Stakeholder Communication

Based on your collected data, AscendXYZ can help you to identify high wildlife activity levels, in order for you to choose the best timing and way of communicating with your stakeholders.

To illustrate, if bird activity is high, you might want to relay this on the ATIS. If high level persists over time, you may decide to implement pre-emptive measures in and around the airport area. Here AscendXYZ data provides you with a solid foundation for further cooperation with stakeholders.

The Same Solution for all Registrations

Upgrade to the AscendXYZ Digital Airport and the same quick, easy data capture and flexible for every aspect of your airport along with your AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution.

Whether you are performing an inspection of lights, obstacles or a runway inspection, any process can be digitalized. Our APP based Digital Airport solution allows you to register wildlife as well as a range of airside data such as

· Runway inspection
· Fence inspection
· FOD registration

And much more…

View the AscendXYZ Digital Airport solution here.

The Airport Area

Depending on your requirements, you can either register the position of the wildlife on a map, or you can choose to define the area as a location grid or location type (such as grass, pavement, or runway).

Data Security

The service is already in use in more than 20 civil airports as well as on multiple NATO bases. All your recorded data will be automatically uploaded, stored and backed up safely following the same standard for security as our NATO customers.

SMS Integration

The AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing safety management system. Alternatively, we can make the data available via an API.

Get Started

It is easy to get started – we will help you to set up the app, and you can be ready to register wildlife activity right away.

We will tailor the solution to match your specific requirements, both to meet the needs of your airport staff and to cover any unique wildlife issues of your airport.

In the web-portal you can easily add new species, bird controllers, new tablets, wildlife risk levels and more. There is no additional charge to change the solutions available on the web-portal.

See Wildlife Registration Step Guide here.

Education and Support

AscendXYZ is encouraging the use of the data within the organisation – for stakeholder communication as well as education of bird control teams. Here is an example of a survey we developed with some of our customers. The goal is to achieve the best possible data quality. Try a survey here.

Subscription cost depends on the number of users, reports and processes you want to digitalize.

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