Drone Risk Management Solution

Avoid unnecessary investment in detection solutions

We will support you in identifying the right solutions you need to mitigate and monitor drone risk at your airport.


Drone activity has been of growing concern over the last decade. Regulations are being put in place for operators of drones, but in many cases, it is necessary to consider how drone threats should be managed now and in the future.


With the Ascend Drone Management solution we enable safe uninterrupted air traffic without unnecessary investment in expensive detection solutions. Based on an extensive risk analysis we will support you in developing and implementing a Drone Management plan matching the actual risk at your airport. We will support you in procuring the right solution for your site. Solution that is based on the risk assessment provides you with an acceptable level of safety and security matching the specific needs of your airport.

See risk evaluation report

To show what we are actually talking about we have prepared  a risk evaluation example from Airport X. Airport X is an airport in Europe, but the location is anonymised. The drone activity and risk evaluation information i are based on the actual data from Airport X.

Access risk evaluation report

The Drone Risk Management solution consists of 4 elements:

  1. Risk assessment: Understand the risk of drones in your surroundings. See an example of an airport risk assessment here. The drone risk is evolving and continuously changing therefore the risk assessment should be updated at regular intervals.
  2. Operational Requirements: Develop site specific operational requirements. Here the technical requirements for both sensor and software infrastructure are described.
  3. Protective Security/Safety measures: Develop protective security/safety measures to reach an appropriate level of safety/security for your Airport. Protective safety measures are systems, processes, information or other things that can reduce the risk of collisions between aircrafts and drones. All the protective safety measures and risk mitigating actions are summarized in a drone management plan.
  4. Continuous drone detection: The treat is developing, and it is dynamic there for it must be continuously monitored and plans adapted accordingly. To support this the drone activities must be continuously monitored

The Drone Management Plan (DMP)

Here the response of the individual stakeholders is described as well as procedures and required documentation. The DMP is continuously updated with changes in drone activity and subsequently changes in the risk. The DMP includes descriptions of communication between the internal and external stakeholders (Airport safety, Airport security, Airport Operations, ANSPs, ATC, Police, etc.).

Make your decision based on facts

We have analyzed the drone detection and mitigation market. It is our assessment that there are about 300 providers of drone detection systems with a huge variation in quality. Ascend will support you in validating your needs and procuring the right drone detection solution to match your risk.

Another industry? No problem! We are here for you.

Ascend Drone Risk Management solution can be adapted to any industry in need. Simply contact us and we will tailor the solution to your needs.

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