Obstacle Documentation

Obstacle Analysis

We can create a digital surface model (DSM) of the area surrounding the aerodrome. By comparing this model to a 3D model of the protective surfaces related to the aerodrome, we can identify penetrations.

  • Identify obstacles in airport surroundings
  • ICAO and ADR compliant
  • Total and easy overview
  • Documentation for procedure design
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Data for aerodrome obstacle charts

Ascend delivers the necessary obstacle data to update your charts. Obstacles shall be shown on the AOC Type A Charts with an obstacle clearance surface having a slope of 1.2% in compliance with the ICAO requirements.
Aerodrome Obstacle Charts — ICAO Type A (Operating Limitations) shall be made available for all aerodromes regularly used by international civil aviation, except for those aerodromes where there are no obstacles in the take-off flight path areas.

Where a chart is not required because no obstacles exist in the take-off flight path area, a notification to this effect shall be published. Contact us for a price.

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Identification of controlling obstacle

In terminal instrument procedures, the highest obstacle relative to a prescribed plane within a specified area; in precision approach procedures where obstacles penetrate the approach surface, the controlling obstacle is the one which results in the requirements for the highest decision height. Contact us for a price.

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