Satellite monitoring of the safeguarding zone

Identify habitat changes in your safeguarding zone

Airports must monitor and asses the safeguarding zone surrounding the airport. Under ICAO standard this is a 13 km zone, under FAA regulations it is an area covering a five mile zone from the aircraft operations area.

By viewing regularly updated satellite imagery, we enable you to identify changes in the safeguarding zone that could impact wildlife behaviour. This enables you to take action and mitigate the risk.

Ascend registers the relevant sites

Based on satellite imagery Ascend can register all the relevant sites (wildlife habitats) in your safeguarding zone, making it possible for you to identify landscape changes as they are happening. Below you see sites registered in the 13 km zone surrounding Gdansk Airport in Poland.


The different analysis of the service enable you to identify water movements or developments in agricultural use of the safeguarding zone.

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Pricing FAQ

The number of individual users able to use this module on your subscription

Create sites
Sites are individual habitats that attracts wildlife. You can register all sites that attract wildlife in your 13 km. zone, such as lakes, playing fields, rubbish dumps, fishing harbors etc

Create species
The service comes with a baseline of species, but if certain species are missing you can easily add them to your subscription

Create site types
The service comes with a baseline of site types, but if certain site types are missing you can easily add them so they match the surroundings for your specific airport

View analytics
This view enables you to view sites that attract specific species, get an overview of how the site density is around your airport and see the total number of sites as well as the accumulated areal coverage of this site in the airport surrounding

Updated satellite maps
New satellite maps becomes available in the service as the satellite passes, intervals depends on where in the world you are located but it will most often be within 3-6 weeks

View find water analysis
With this analysis the software indicates the areas where water surfaces are most likely to be present

Quarterly site monitoring report
Sites due for inspection are analyzed and changes that can be detected in the satellite images are identified on a quarterly basis. These changes will appear in the report

Annual change detection in the 13 km zone
The totality of the 13 km safeguarding zone is systematically analyzed and and areas with changes are visualized.

Wildlife Specialist 5H/month
Access to support from an Ascend XYZ Wildlife Specialist for up to five hours pr. Month. Additional hours: €150/hour

Customized terms of service
If needed, we initiate a dialogue regarding negotiating our standard terms of service. Read standard TOS under “About us” on our website

Regulatory requirements
Read more about the regulatory requirements Ascend’s Wildlife Management solutions are designed to support here