Monitoring of the safeguarding zone

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Identify habitat changes in your safeguarding zone

Airports must monitor and asses the safeguarding zone surrounding the airport. Under ICAO standard this is a 13 km zone, under FAA regulations it is an area covering a five mile zone from the aircraft operations area.

By viewing regularly updated satellite imagery, we enable you to identify changes in the safeguarding zone that could impact wildlife behaviour. This enables you to take action and mitigate the risk.

Ascend registers all sites

When signing up for the service, Ascend can register all the sites in your safeguarding zone, making in possible for you to identify changes as they are happening. Below you see all sites registered in the 13 km zone surrounding Gdansk Airport in Poland.


In the service, you can use Analysis to identify water movements or developments in agricultural use of the safeguarding zone.

Monitor 50 sites in 10 minutes

For all sites an inspection cycle is determined. This enables you to perform the inspection of all sites and habitats in the safeguarding zone from your desk in minutes. When a change is identified, action can be taken. In the image below you see an old and a new satellite image, by clicking no change, you go to the next site.

Pricing for the 13 km monitoring module


1 user400€ / Month


3 user800€ / Month


Unlimited1200€ / Month