Airshare New User Guide

1. Follow the link in the email and create your profile…

In the mail we sent to you there is a link to the service. Click on the link, fill in your information and sign in

2. Click on “Airport Base Information”

This opens the Airport Base Information page

3. Click on “Answer questions”

Here you get access to questions and you can approve the individual airlines so they can view your answers

4. Click on the questions to answer

When opening the individual questions, you can view references to the legal or international standards that describe the action or process

5. The questions should be answered Yes, No or N/A

a. Yes: We do perform/use this action or process at the airport

b. No: We do not perform/use this action or process at the airport

c. N/A (Not applicable): This is either not legal here or is assessed to have no risk mitigating impact due to our geographical position

6. Close the questionnaire and click on “Requests”

Under “Requests” you will see the airlines that are requesting to view your answers

7. Approve the requests from the airlines

Only the airlines that you approve can view your answers