Wildlife field recording

Reduce the risk of wildlife strikes

Wildlife Recording

Here you see a tutorial of the Wildlife Recording service. It runs on all devices, you can be using it for your own airport today. You and your staff will be saving time from day one, no more manuel recordings, sign up and get started.

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To support the creation of high quality data in this field, we have made this service available to you at no cost. Just sign up and get started

Data and Analytics

As you enter new recordings the information is sent to your account with Ascend XYZ. Here you can view analytics and monitor bird activity at your airport in realtime. This enables you to take action if a increase in recordings of high risk birds occur.

Pricing for Ascend Wildlife Recording

Pricing FAQ

Admin user

This is the user(s) that has access to the Wildlife Recording module on the Ascend Service. This role entails the right to edit existing-, add new- and reorder species. As well as register and delete wildlife controllers, define the airport area of which the wildlife controllers operate within and view analytics (depending on your pricing level).

Recording flow

This is the web-app which is designed based on the work flow for wildlife recording. It is used by the wildlife controllers and can be accessed on portable devises such as phones and tablets.

Export data to excel

The data recorded by the wildlife controllers can be exported as an excel-file and sent to you on a monthly basis. Each recording generates a new row in the sheet, and each data input for the recording (e.g. number of shots, type of species, type of action) can be viewed in the columns.

Access analytics

The analytics view can be accessed by the admin user and contains an overview of effectiveness of actions and the distribution, in percent, of recorded species and types of actions taken.

Possible customization of recording flow

If needed, Ascend can customize the recording flow to accommodate new types of deterrent measures. If other customizations are needed for your airport, we are of course willing to investigate the possibilities with you.

Output report on recorded data

This report gives a good overview all there has been recorded in the selected period (default is 1 month): types of species, number of each species, number of kills, number of shots, wildlife activity in relation to time a day, effectiveness of actions, patterns and much more. The purpose of this report is to document your wildlife recording activities and to enable the wildlife control staff to optimize their work.

Output report on recorded data

Based on the monthly reports accumulated over the course of year, Ascend will highlight the most interesting patterns, analysis, findings etc. into actionable advise for you and your airport, to increase flight safety.