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Record where the wildlife was spotted
the species
Record wildlife activity

Easy to use

Wildlife recording and extracting the data used to be complex and time consuming, with the ascend solution it takes seconds

Risk overview

The solution creates a real-time overview of the bird activity and risk, enabling bird control staff to take action where needed.

All birds have a risk value – the service calculates this value in real- time

The report

All your data will be extracted in a monthly report, giving you valuable information and documentation

To the left you see an example of the data visualization in the report

View a Wildlife Recording Report

Pricing FAQ

The number of individual users able to use this module on your subscription

Bird controllers
The number of bird controllers able to use the app

Monthly recordings included
The maximum number of recordings pr. month, including “no activity” recordings

Create new species
The service comes with a baseline of species, but if certain species are missing you can easily add them to your subscription

View recording data online
View the real-time data recorded by the bird controllers from your desk

Export recording data to excel
Export recording data to excel

Monthly recording report
A monthly report based on the recorded data

Annual summary report
An annual report that sums up the year, trends, tendencies, potential issues etc. All based on the recorded data

Annual change detection in the 13 km zone
The totality of the 13 km safeguarding zone is systematically analyzed and and areas with changes are visualized.

Wildlife Specialist 5H/month
Access to support from an Ascend XYZ Wildlife Specialist for up to five hours pr. Month. Additional hours: €150/hour

Customized terms of service
If needed, we initiate a dialogue regarding negotiating our standard terms of service. Read standard TOS under “About us” on our website

Regulatory requirements
Read more about the regulatory requirements Ascend’s Wildlife Management solutions are designed to support here